It all started in 1970, when late Mr. PM Thomas started a restaurant called “Thom’s Cafe and Restaurant.” It served in Indian cuisine and was open for breakfast. In 1971, he started a small grocery store right next to the restaurant. The location has always been the same; Mr. Thomas built the building in 1968. After Mr. PM Thomas passed away in 1986, the restaurant was shut in 1989 because of various issues. Later, Mr. Binu Thomas and Mr. Biju Thomas, Mr. PM Thomas’ sons took over the business.

In 1989, Thom’s was a bakery and grocery store. In 1990, Thom’s started on a large scale as a supermarket. Mr. Binu Thomas and Mr. Biju Thomas made sure there was daily supervision to maintain the quality of products. “It has been a great experience,” said Mr. Binu, “we got to learn a lot. It was a life turning experience that we went through but we are happy with what Thom’s is today.” Thom’s was given the award for the best stand-alone supermarket in India in 2013 called “The Golden Spoon.”

Today Thom’s is known as one of the oldest bakeries in Bangalore.